TWICE With vs Without Makeup: How Does Each Member Look?

TWICE without Makeup

TWICE the K-pop girl group has been known for the members’ ethereal beauty. But have you ever wondered, what they look like without makeup?

TWICE’s member who looks nothing different before and after makeup is Jihyo. While TWICE’s member who looks different without makeup is Sana. However, the nine members of TWICE are all pretty with or without makeup.

In this article, we will release the photos of TWICE members natural no makeup faces! Let’s check it out and give us your opinions, do they still look stunning without makeup on?

TWICE’s members’ comparisons pictures before and after makeup might be shocking you. The girls from TWICE always use makeup when they are on stage, the no-makeup look of TWICE’s members might not be familiar to you. So, here are the photos of TWICE members before and after wearing makeup.

Let’s check them out one by one! TWICE before and after makeup comparisons!

TWICE’s Nayeon With vs Without Makeup

TWICE’s Nayeon looks gorgeous with makeup, but how does she look without makeup? Let’s see some moment where Nayeon didn’t put any makeup on her face.

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Nayeon no makeup
Nayeon no makeup

Let’s see Nayeon’s makeup face!

TWICE Nayeon

TWICE’s Jeongyeon With vs Without Makeup

TWICE’s Jeongyeon might look like a cool girl who doesn’t wear makeup, but she actually loves makeup, said Jeongyeon’s sister, Gong seung-yeon. Let’s see the comparison between Jeongyeon’s no makeup face and with makeup face!

Jeongyeon no makeup
Jeongyeon no makeup

And this is how Jeongyeon looks with makeup!


TWICE’s Momo With vs Without Makeup

TWICE’s Momo with vs without makeup’s comparisons are not really shocking because she looks natural as she is with or without makeup. Let’s see the before-after makeup of TWICE’s Momo!

Momo no makeup
Momo no makeup

And this is Momo’s face with makeup!


TWICE’s Sana With vs Without Makeup

TWICE’s Sana with and with no makeup could be really blowing. But, even though she looks different, Sana’s without makeup’s looks is just as pretty as her makeup looks. Let’s see the gorgeous girl Sana with and without makeup!

Sana no makeup
Sana no makeup

And this is Sana’s face with makeup!

Source : @m.by__sana/Instagram

The TWICE’s member who looks different before and after makeup is Sana. The member who is known for her cute and sexy looks is Sana. She’s still pretty, of course! But her natural face is different from the looks that we see on camera. Even so, Sana is just pretty with and without makeup!

TWICE’s Jihyo With vs Without Makeup

The leader of TWICE, Jihyo’s makeup and without makeup face is not really different. Jihyo has always been pretty since a child, no wonder that her natural face is just the same as her makeup face. Let’s see how Jihyo looks with and without makeup.

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Jihyo no makeup
Jihyo no makeup

And this is the looks of Jihyo that we see on TV!


Jihyo with and without makeup looks are almost alike. Both are gorgeous and astonishing. Jihyo looks pretty in both conditions, with or without makeup! Her beauty looks so natural. And don’t forget that her eyebrows are really thick and well-shaped. Not to mention her eyes that look stands out even when she didn’t apply any eye make-up.

Do you agree that Jihyo has the most natural beauty face in TWICE?

TWICE’s Mina With vs Without Makeup

TWICE’s Mina’s no makeup look is really gorgeous. Before her debut with Twice, Mina is popular among other trainees in JYP Entertainment. That only means Mina really has the natural beauty without that much make-up on her face, right?

Mina no makeup
Mina no makeup

So, let’s take a look at how the goddess from Japan can steal your heart with her bare face!

Mina’s makeup face:


TWICE’s Dahyun With vs Without Makeup

Dahyun’s with no makeup face also shows that she is really a natural beauty! Even after applying make-up on, Dahyun’s face is just getting prettier than ever. One thing we know for sure is, Dahyun’s beautiful face is really undeniable with or without make-up!

Dahyun no makeup
Dahyun no makeup / Source: TV Daily

Dahyun’s makeup face is also gorgeous!


TWICE’s Chaeyoung With vs Without Makeup

Chaeyoung’s no makeup and with makeup looks are also just as pretty as other members. Despite her young age, Chaeyoung often shows a strong charisma especially from her make-up. But, her natural beauty really shows when she didn’t apply any make-up. Let’s take a look!

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Chaeyoung no makeup
Chaeyoung no makeup

The no makeup face of Chaeyoung is just as pretty as her makeup face, right?


TWICE’s Tzuyu With vs Without Makeup

Tzuyu is indeed gorgeous when she had her make-up on. Every time Twice had a schedule, Tzuyu almost always looks with make-up. But since her usual make-up is not that heavy, we can really notice her when she didn’t wear any make-up.

Tzuyu no makeup
Tzuyu no makeup

Tzuyu’s pretty skin shows how beautiful she is naturally. No wonder that her beautiful face has been recognized by people around the world!


Several times, TWICE’s members went on a live broadcast without makeup. They are so confident with their beautiful and natural faces. Every netizen commented “They look pretty even without makeup”, “They would look better without the filters”, etc. The TWICE members even shouted “Capture us!” as they received a lot of love from their fans.

What do you think about TWICE’s natural no-makeup faces? Let’s be confident with and without makeup just like TWICE members!

That’s all the information about TWICE members without makeup faces. All of TWICE member faces without makeup have been revealed above. So after looking at all their natural faces, who is the prettiest member without makeup in your opinion? Let us know your thoughts by spreading this article to your social media!

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