TWICE’s Sana’s Weight Loss Tips: Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and more!

TWICE Sana Weight Loss

Explore TWICE Sana’s weight loss journey! Dive into her effective diet plan, workout routine, and more. Discover the secrets behind her successful transformation.

TWICE’s Sana’s good-shaped body secrets!

The girl group TWICE from JYP Entertainment has some beautiful Japanese members, and one of them is Sana. TWICE’s Sana is one of the most popular members in TWICE with an optimistic personality and beautiful vocals. Many fans have chosen Sana as their bias from TWICE.

TWICE’s Sana has successfully gotten the fans to gasp due to her weight loss transformation. She achieved such a healthy and good-shaped body even while building some abs. Do you want to get a nice and healthy body like TWICE’s Sana? Let’s get to know the secrets from the article by KPOPLOVE here!

TWICE’s Sana’s Diet Plan

TWICE Sana Diet Plan

Many fans have noticed the change in her physical appearance, and they knew that Sana went on a special diet. For her diet plan, Sana ate a lower calorie consumption every day.

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She ate properly 3 times a day but with lower calories that have been counted. For breakfast, she would go for a healthy menu like juice and eggs, then for lunch, she would eat chicken breast or salmon, and for dinner would be a salad with chicken. Her diet is pretty simple and healthy, but the result is amazing as well. Do you want to try it?

TWICE’s Sana’s Workout Routine

Not only a casual diet but the main secret that she has is regularly working out as well. She has done various exercises, one of them being yoga. During the TWICE Private Life show, Sana had yoga practice with Tzuyu and Chaeyoung. She once struggled a lot, but it was manageable!

Aside from yoga, Sana has a personal trainer who also pays attention to her exercise routine. Her trainer explained that Sana could lift 45 kilograms through the leg presses exercise. Despite Sana’s busy schedule, she always takes the time to go to the gym! No wonder she achieved that body goal, right?

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TWICE’s Sana: Her Amazing Transformation Before and After Her Weight Loss

Check out the amazing transformation from TWICE’s Sana’s diet here:


Before Sana went on a diet, she already had a nice and healthy body. However, the change was also there. Previously, Sana used to have chubbier cheeks, but now she has thinner cheeks with a nice V-line jaw shape. What an amazing result!


From her full body pictures, the change was even clearer. Before the diet, Sana’s body looked a little curvy, but now she looks more proportional with a thinner waist and thighs. She has done such a great job losing some weight, right?

That is the secret of TWICE’s Sana‘s amazing weight loss journey! We are happy to see the result, and surely Sana is as well. After a bunch of exercises and a healthy diet, she could achieve that nice-shaped and healthy body! Do you want to try the diet plan from TWICE’s Sana? Let us know your response by writing a comment below, and feel free to share this article on your social media!

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