SEVENTEEN’s Plastic Surgery: Is It True or Not?

SEVENTEEN Plastic Surgery
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Dive into the rumors! Explore the truth about SEVENTEEN’s plastic surgery speculations. Uncover the facts – has there been any transformation? Find out now!

In South Korea, plastic surgery is definitely not an uncommon thing, it is even normalized among the general population. In the case of celebrities, especially idols, such procedures are known but kept quiet to promote them as natural beauties.

But do you know that there are several rumors about possible plastic surgery at Seventeen?


S.Coups (Before After)

Let’s talk about the leader, S.Coups. Honestly, there’s not a whole lot to say about whether he’s had any work done on his looks. Fans pretty much agree that his features have stayed the same from before he debuted up to now. He’s got these full lips and big, round eyes that have been a constant. You know how noses and eyes can sometimes be targets for surgery changes, but it looks like his features have stayed true to how they were from the beginning of his career.


In the case of member Jeonghan, there have been a few controversies regarding his eyelids and nose. There have been some talks about his eyelids and nose. To start with, his eyelids have seen a few tweaks over the years. They’re minor changes, nothing too in-your-face, but they add up to give him a distinctive look.


Now, on to the nose saga – rumor has it that he went for a nose filler procedure to sort out his slightly crooked nose. Most of the filler action is happening around the upper nose bridge, originally just to fix the crookedness. However, as you can spot above, they went the extra mile and added more to give the bridge a little lift.


Joshua (Before After)

The third oldest member is Joshua, there is much speculation regarding his nose and double eyelids. In regards to his nose, as seen in the the pictures above which are taken at relatively similar angles, its seems that the shape has been altered through fillers, as his nose bridge seems higher and more uniform, reducing the look of his rounded-tip nose. Not only that, due to the fillers, the nose also appears smaller and sharper, when in fact it is still the same size but its uniformity masks the sheer size of the nose in relation to his face.

In the case of his eyes, it is hard to tell from the pictures due to the fact that they are hidden under his bangs, but he has been seen with fluctuating aegyo-sal, or the fat under the eyes. The fat seems to be more sizable in some pictures, whilst deflating in some others. Furthermore, his eyelids also seemed to have been threaded in order to create a uniform lid instead of multiple folds creating an uneven eyelid. The picture above details some of that uneven eyelids, even with the bangs covering his eyes.

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Jun (Before After)

As seen in the pictures above, it seems that Jun has gotten his nose fixed through the procedure of fillers around the nose bridge, since he used to have a bump right in the middle of it. The procedure is non-invasive and is considered by most not to be part of surgery, but for the sake of explaining his change in appearance we have included the picures. Aside from that, it does not seem like Jun has done anything else to enhance his features.


Hoshi (Before After)

Now it is time to move on to the main dancer, Hoshi. Fans have suspected Hoshi has had  some fillers around the nose and chin area, as well as having his eye corners cut to give  the illusion of bigger eyes without having to undergo double eyelid surgery. The procedure cuts a slit in the innermost corner of the eye, making the procedure almost invisible and blends in the with rest of the skin once it heals. Usually it is coupled with double eyelid surgery, but without it the results looks a lot more natural, it rather accentuates the mono lid in the best way possible, especially since it has been a trend in the industry lately to have mono lids.

In regards to his chin and nose fillers, as evident in the photos above, Hoshi seemed to have a more protruding side profile, with a sharper chin and nose. The filler seems to have eliminated the previous roundness in his face, to achieve more masculine and defined features, which is very desired in the Korean entertainment industry.


Wonwoo (Before After)

Wonwoo’s pictures above, taken during his time as a trainee and during the most recent Oh My promotions, indicate that he has done some nose related procedures in order to correct the bump he had at the center of his nose. This could either be fillers or full on invasive surgery due to its permanent nature and lack of fluctuation when looking back at his other pictures.

Another supporting factor are the scars found on the insides of his nostril, possibly indicating that he has done a type of nose surgery procedure that takes part of the bone found in the ears and extracts it to be added in the nostril area. The goal of the procedure is to heighten the nose and give it a sharper look. He possibly also added fillers on either side of the nostril and the smile lines, to prevent the flare of his nostrils and minimize movement in and around the area, maximizing the definition of the nose.


Woozi (Before After)

In the case of Woozi, there are rumors of nose fillers and eye corner cutting, as he is known to be one of the few members in Seventeen that have mono lid eyes. The nose fillers are quite obvious in the pictures above, the first two taken during his pre-debut days and the other while promoting the Oh My and Clap, respectively. The height of his nose might not be very clear in the first two pictures, due to the fact it is not taken from the side, but from the shadows it is quite obvious that his nose bridge is not as defined as it is in the latter two pictures. As for his eye corner cutting procedures, it can be seen in the pictures above that his innermost portion of the eye is slightly wider and open that how it used to be.

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DK (Before After)

DK is one of the other members who has had nose surgery in order to correct a rounded tip. Once again all standard procedures, DK has had the nostril area heightened with an implant from the ears and fillers to touch up the height around the nose bridge making it a more uniform. The procedures he has had done are evident in the pictures above, since the photo is a side angle, the height and profile difference can be seen very clearly. Not only that, some have also allegedly said that DK has gotten some form of eyelid surgery to correct his previous mono lids to folding double eyelids.


Mingyu (Before After)

Mingyu, who is known to be the group’s visual, has much speculation and conjecture surrounding what some say are his doctored looks. Allegations range from fillers on his cheeks and lips to double eyelid surgery. In regards to his double eyelid surgery, it is evident in the first two pictures that Mingyu already has had a form of double eyelid before his debut, with the folds going inwards and very much indistinguishable, thus looking more like a mono lid rather than a double eyelid.

The surgery seems to just create incisions in the fold he already has, thus creating a more defined fold, that still folds inwards, but is very stark, as demonstrated in the third picture when he strains his eyes. In the case of his fillers, it seems to have been to plump up his lips and his cheeks, as demonstrated in the last picture, when it is still fresh and still hasn’t settled into a more natural looking filler. This could also be the result of a fat grafting procedure, in the case of his cheeks, to plump up the cheeks and create a more contoured face shape.


The8 (Before After)

Another member who seems to have his eyelids done is The8. His eyelids seemed to be a mono lid pre-debut but after 2015 it seems the fold suddenly became noticeable. As seen in the pictures above comparing his looks in 2014 and 2015, the eyelid does not seem to overtly stand out, but the subtle change is definitely noticed by fans with hawk eyes.

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The8’s nose has always been a point of argument in the debate of plastic surgery amongst the group. Compared to the two pictures above from his pre-debut and early debut days, the recent pictures below seem to depict a sharper and straighter nose that has lost its roundness in the tips. This could be attributed to the fillers he could have done to fix that problem. With the pictures presented, it seems he must have done it gradually over the course of his break-time in between promotions, also.


Seungkwan (Before After)

Seungkwan’s plastic surgery came in waves, progressively transforming his features into how he looks today. Starting from his pre-debut picture taken in elementary school, it can be seen that Seungkwan used to not have double eyelids and his features are not as defined as they are now. After joining the company and being added to the Seventeen trainee line-up, it seems that he did a double eyelid surgery so that his eyes would be  more pronounced and distinguishable. Aside from that, he seems to have also had some minor nose surgery to heighten the nose bridge. Unlike the fillers, the surgery is permanent and helps to better heighten the bridge when it starts from a very flat point.

Recently, Seungkwan also seemed to add to his previous procedures by using fillers around his cheeks and his smile lines to make them less pronounced and lift up his features. This could also be attributed to things such as botox and fat grafting as the results are inconclusive.


Vernon (Before After)

As seen above, Vernon seems to have not had any procedures done to his naturally good looks, comparing the picture he has during his pre-debut activities with some more recent ones. The only thing he seems to have done is gotten his teeth fixed using clear braces. The picture above also serves as a comparison for the features he has not changed such as eyelids, nose and jawline.


Dino (Before After)

Seventeen’s youngest member, Dino, appears to have had a nose filler done to straighten out the rounded nose tip he has. In the pictures above, comparing a picture from Mansae promotions in 2016 and Thanks promotion in 2018, it can be seen in the profile photo that his rounded nose tip appears sharper and straighter than before. Some might argue it must be due to him straining his jaw and the likes, but it shouldn’t have had any effect to the appearance of the nose. Other than that, the fillers also heighten the nose bridge in between his eyes, making a more impressionable side profile.

So what do you think of Seventeen’s plastic surgery speculation? Comment below with your thoughts!

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