BTS Members’ Plastic Surgery Rumors: Truth or Fake?

BTS Members’ Plastic Surgery

Unveil the truth behind BTS members’ plastic surgery rumors. Are the speculations real or just fake? Fact-checking the gossip for you!

Plastic surgery is a common thing in South Korea, especially for those who want to be or are currently an idol. As one of the most popular K-pop groups right now, BTS members are accused to have undergone plastic surgery due to their perfect visuals.

Up to this day, only RM‘s nose surgery and Suga‘s shoulder surgery were confirmed by their agency. The rest of the BTS members’ plastic surgery rumors are still unclear. Here is the list of BTS members’ surgery that has been confirmed by the agency:

  • RM: Rhinoplasty (nose job) for health reasons so he can breathe better.
  • Jin: Nothing is confirmed.
  • Suga: Shoulder surgery after he is injured.
  • J-Hope: Nothing is confirmed.
  • Jimin: Nothing is confirmed.
  • V: Nothing is confirmed.
  • Jungkook: Nothing is confirmed.

But, we can compare some of BTS members’ pre-debut and post-debut photos to find out more about the truth of BTS members’ plastic surgery rumors. Stay tuned!

BTS’ RM did a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Surgery For Health Reasons

In February 2018, Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE Labels) confirmed that BTS’ leader, RM has done a rhinoplasty to help him breathe better. Although the surgery was done because of health reasons instead of beauty purposes, it doesn’t stop some people from throwing hate towards RM.

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Let’s take a look at the comparison between RM’s nose then and now.

BTS' RM Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

What do you think about this?

BTS Jimin’s Perfect Face Made Some People Underwent Plastic Surgery to Look Like Him

BTS’ Jimin didn’t confirm plastic surgery rumors, instead, there are some people who actually have undergone plastic surgery just to have a facial figure like Jimin. However, most of his fans are sure that Jimin didn’t do any surgery for his stunning face. Jimin’s recent face looks nothing different than his younger face.

Let’s take a look at the past and present pictures of Jimin.

BTS' Jimin Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

As you can see, Jimin had fat on his cheeks before.

He looks different because he went on a diet and he lost his chubby cheeks.

BTS V / Taehyung’s Golden Ratio Impressed A Plastic Surgeon

It’s not a secret that BTS’ V or Taehyung has a perfect visual with a golden ratio on his face and even made a plastic surgeon impressed. However, there is no confirmation from Big Hit Entertainment or HYBE Labels regarding his plastic surgery issue.

But, we have gathered some before-after photos of V or Kim Taehyung from his pre-debut era until now. Do you think that he underwent plastic surgery?

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Here are pictures of his looks:

BTS' V Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

Whatever the answer is, let’s just admit that BTS’ V or Taehyung is totally handsome!

Plastic Surgeon Claims BTS J-Hope Looks Natural Without Plastic Surgery

A plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, MD, on his YouTube channel explains why J-Hope seems like he didn’t undergo plastic surgery. He breaks down the most popular plastic surgery part in South Korea, eyes and nose; and J-Hope’s facial figures then and now didn’t show much change. Even if he actually did it, the works were done very well because it looks so natural.

However, there are rumors that said J-Hope has had plastic surgery on his jawline to make his face look thinner. Back then, the bone structure of his jaw made his face bigger. Let’s take a look at his jaw in his pre-debut photo:

BTS' J-Hope Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

J-Hope’s jaw in his earlier career in 2013, still look the same?

Beside his jaw, many K-Pop fans speculated that he had his nostrils’ shape changed or had fillers implanted to change his nose tip shape. His nose was flat-tipped but in newer photos, his nose has a pointed tip.

BTS Jungkook’s Nose and Eyelids Are The Results of Plastic Surgery?

People are wondering if Jungkook‘s nose and eyelids are the works of plastic surgery or not. Compared to his earlier career, Jungkook’s nose was not as sharp as now. His nose was slightly big and thick. Now, his nose tip seems more pointed. Jungkook’s nostrils are also less curvy than before.

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Let’s see his pre-debut photo:

BTS' Jungkook Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

Besides a long, straight, and pointed nose, double eyelids in Korea are also considered pretty. Many Koreans undergo double eyelid surgery because most of them are born with single eyelids. Jungkook is speculated as one of them because when he was younger, he didn’t have double eyelids but now he has them.

BTS Suga’s Minor Plastic Surgery

Suga is speculated that he had his jawline done, though it just minor work. His jaw now looks sharper than before.

Let’s see Suga’s jaw before he debuted:

BTS' Suga Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

What do you think about this?

BTS Jin Plastic Surgery Speculation

BTS’ Jin never revealed anything about his plastic surgery issue. The differences in Jin’s face are not that obvious, but it looks like he had minor surgery on his nose. The bridge of his nose looks slightly different and his nose is smaller than before. He is said to have his nose done so that his features will become more proportional.

Even before he debuted, Jin was handsome:

BTS' Jin Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

That was all information about BTS’ members’ plastic surgery issues. Please note that some minor changes on their faces now are also undeniable. These changes not only happened because of plastic surgery but they may also have happened because of the members’ puberty, make-up, and diet efforts.

So, what do you think, have they really had some of their features done and have become addicted to surgery or not?

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