Male and Female K-Pop Idols From Australia

Male and Female K-Pop Idols From Australia

Explore the talented K-pop idols from Australia, both male and female. Discover the international stars making waves in the K-pop scene!

Ever since the Hallyu Wave started spreading, Korean Entertainment has been exerting a lot of influence and impact including movies, TV dramas, and music as well. The wave managed to launch the careers of many K-Pop groups and K-Pop idols on the international level expanding their popularity outside of South Korea into the global market.

Currently, there are a lot K-Pop idols who come from overseas, whether they are mixed-bloods or of Korean descent living in other countries, they come from various countries, but most of them come from the U.S.A or Australia, with lots of talents and impressive backgrounds. In this article, KPOPLOVE will provide you with a list of popular Korean-Australian K-Pop idols, so keep on reading!



First of all, we have BLACKPINK’s Rosé who is famously known for her visual and amazing unique vocal skills. Aside from that, she is one of the most popular Korean-Australian K-Pop idols among fans. Basically, Rosé was born in Auckland, New Zealand, to Korean descent parents.

Then her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she lived there until she was 15 years old, then she moved to South Korea in 2012 after she passed the Australian YG Entertainment audition. Currently, Rosé has two nationalities: Korean and Australian. Even after she lived in South Korea for some years now, Rosé’s Australian accent is as clear as ever.

Stray Kids’ Felix

Stray Kids Felix

Felix of Stray Kids was born in Seven Hills, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, to Korean parents. He is a Stray Kids member who can speak English fluently alongside Bangchan. Currently, Stray Kids’ Felix’s nationality is Australian. Felix was basically born and grew up in Australia until he turned into an adult.

Felix decided to move from Australia to South Korea since he wanted to be a K-Pop idol. Felix has been a trainee of JYP Entertainment for about a year, then he eventually debuted with Stray Kids in 2018.



One of the rappers of ENHYPEN, Jake, is another K-Pop idol from Australia. He was born in South Korea to Korean parents, but his family moved to Australia when he was very young. However, there is another piece of information that Jake was born in Queensland, Australia. Jake is also well-known and comes from a wealthy family, and he stayed in Australia for a quite long time.

Ever since he was young, Jake has dreamed to be a K-Pop star, and he eventually joined an audition in Sydney, Australia. After he passed the audition, Jake moved to South Korea at the age of 17 years old. Currently, ENHYPEN’s Jake also has two nationalities: Korean and Australian.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

SKZ Bang Chan

Bangchan from Stray Kids is also well-known as the group’s interpreter and can speak English fluently. Bangchan was basically born in South Korea to Korean parents, but his family moved to Australia when he was very young. Bangchan used to spend most of his time in Australia since he used to study there before going back to South Korea.

Bangchan has two nationalities: Korean and Australian. While living in Australia, Bangchan had moved 5 times from Strathfield, Drummoyne, Enfield, Belmore, and Greenacre. In 2010, Bangchan signed up with JYP Entertainment after he passed an audition in Australia.

HOT ISSUE’s Hyeongshin


Have you heard about the group HOT ISSUE that debuted in 2021? They have 7 members, one of them named Hyeongshin. She was born in South Korea to Korean parents, but Hyeongshin used to live in Australia and spent her childhood there.

This made her speak English fluently and is the only one among the HOT ISSUE members. However, Hyeongshin is currently no longer a member of HOT ISSUE since the group officially disbanded on April 22nd, 2022.

NMIXX’s Lily


From the 4th generation K-Pop idols, NMIXX’s Lily is included in the list of K-Pop idols from Australia as well. Lily was born in Marysville, Victoria, Australia, to a Korean mother and an Australian father. She and her family spent most of their time there since Lily was born and raised in Australia. She moved to South Korea after signing a contract with JYP Entertainment in 2015.

Even before she moved to South Korea, Lily already had her fan base and learned about music as her father taught her how to sing as well. In NMIXX, Lily is well-known as one of the interpreters since she can speak English, Korean, and a little bit of Japanese. Currently, Lily also has two nationalities: Korean and Australian.

NewJeans Hanni

NewJeans Hanni
Source: ADOR

Hanni has two nationalities: Korean and Australian. She was born in Melbourne, Australia. Both her parents are Vietnamese with her father coming from Hanoi while her mother is from HO Chi Minh.

NewJeans Danielle

NewJeans Danielle


Danielle is Korean-Australian, as her father is Australian and her mother is Korean. Her English name is Danielle June Marsh. She was born in Newcastle, Australia.



Last but not least, there is a former member of C-CLOWN which is currently known as DPR IAN as a Korean-Australian idol! Christian Yu or well-known as DPR IAN was born in Sydney, Australia, to Korean parents and grew up in that country. Christian Yu studied at the University of Sydney, but he decided to move to South Korea at the age of 18 years old to chase his dream of music.

Initially, Christian Yu debuted as C-CLOWN’s leader under the name Rome in 2012. However, the group disbanded in 2015. He continued his career in the music industry and Christian Yu is currently known as a singer, producer, director, and songwriter of Dream Perfect Regime (DPR). He also has two nationalities, Korean and Australian.

So, which one is your favorite Korean-Australian idol from this list? Leave a comment with your thoughts on the matter in the section below, and kindly share this article on your social media!

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