What are the Ideal Types of MONSTA X Members?

What are the Ideal Type of MONSTA X Members

Explore MONSTA X’s ideal types! Dive into their unique personalities and discover which member aligns with your preferences.

As a fan, it’s not enough if we only know about our idols’ activities. It’s normal if we want to know more about their life, personality, or even what kind of girl they want to date.

We can not deny that sometimes we imagine that we can be the one that our idol wants. So, if you want to be the one that your idol wants, of course you have to know your idol’s ideal type of girl.

Now we have what you need to know about one of Korea’s rising boygroups, Monsta X members’ ideal type of girls! Since this group was formed after having successfully gone through a survival show, will you also survive being their ideal girl after reading their ideal types? Let’s check it out!

Shownu’s Ideal Type


Shownu: our leader would not only look at a girl’s outer appearance, but also her personality. She would have to be an intelligent and kindhearted girl at the same time. For Shownu, his girl does not have to be humorous since his sense of humor is not that good.  He is a rather quiet person.

Shownu once mentioned that actress Gong Hyojin is his ideal type.

Shownu would not mind dating an older woman as long as she is not older than his own mother. His girl would have long hair with a fit body. It’s okay if his girl does not have a curvy body. Based on this information we can assume that an older woman with 48-52 kg weight might suit him well.

Minhyuk’s Ideal Type

Monsta X Minhyuk

Minhyuk: he likes cute girls that have chubby cheeks, a cat-like face, and also  good reactions. He would like to have a girl whose personality is opposite of him.

Based on his explanation, younger girls about 2-4 years younger than himself would suit him well, and since he likes chubby girls, 47-51 kg would be the ideal weight for his girl.

Kihyun’s Ideal Type


Kihyun: Kihyun likes cute girls that have a lot of aegyo, beautiful eyes, and also a good sense of humor. His girl would also look good in hanbok.

Someone that would fit him is a girl 3-5 years younger or 2-3 years older than him and she would weight around 45-49 kg.

Hyungwon’s Ideal Type

MONSTA X Hyungwon

Hyungwon: Hyungwon pays more attention to personality. It’s more important than her looks. He would like to have a smart, insightful, modest, and kind girl. His girl would have to be independent mentally.

Since Hyungwon likes some kind of mature girl, someone older would match him well, or a younger girl that has a mature personality. As for the ideal weight, it probably around 46-50 kg.

Joohoney’s Ideal Type

MONSTA X Joohoney

Joohoney: Joohoney likes girls that are pretty much like him in terms of personality and taste of music. His girl would have look good in simple white t-shirt and jeans.

Someone around Jooheon’s age would fit him since he likes someone that has personality similar to him. For his girl’s ideal weight it would be around 45-48 kg.

I.M’s ideal Type

Monsta X I.M

I.M: like Hyungwon, I.M is also more concerned about someone’s personality than their appearance. He would like to have a kind girl that matches him well. I.M’s girl would also have to be someone that can control her emotions well. She would have strong opinions but at the same time know when she wrong.

I.M also likes girls that are a bit tomboyish. A girl that suits him would have to be on skinnier side but still fit and she would be younger than him by around 2-5 years.

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