Find Out About Jonghyun and Yeri’s Friendship!

Find Out About Jonghyun and Yeri’s Friendship

Jonghyun and Yeri’s relationship was more special than anyone thinks. To her, Jonghyun was like her older brother who supported her during the trainee period and after her debut. Yeri looked devastated after Jonghyun’s sudden death. Long after his death, Yeri still kept the best memories of her and Jonghyun.

However, to some fans, her actions were seen as a way to take the spotlight and get more popular. She received huge criticism from fans after revealing their close relationship right after Jonghyun’s death that trended the rose symbol.

Find out about Jonghyun and Yeri’s close relationship in this article.

Jonghyun and Yeri’s Relationship

Fans never knew much about Jonghyun and Yeri‘s relationship until the sudden death of Jonghyun. Jonghyun debuted under SM Entertainment in 2008 while Yeri debuted in 2014. As idol members from groups belonging to the same agency, they must have known each other very well. Jonghyun must have shared a thing or two about being an idol with the Red Velvet member.

Jonghyun and Yeri
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Jonghyun stopped by the recording room while Red Velvet’s members were working on their album. He congratulated Yeri and Red Velvet for topping the music chart. He wrote “Congratulations on your 1st rank position. Meeting the turtle and the cabbage at the recording room.” Since they were very close, Jonghyun called Yeri the turtle.

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Jonghyun and Yeri
Source: IG

In September 2015, Jonghyun posted a picture of himself with Yeri. In the caption, he wrote, “Yeri is cute, that’s why she is sharp.” Jonghyun made fun of Yeri’s name while complimenting her. The two strike a similar pose and captured their moments together. Two years after Jonghyun’s sudden death, Yeri was seen leaving a comment on the old post. She wrote, “I miss you Jjjong, I hope that you can find comfortable happiness. Love you.

Yeri posted a touching message through her Instagram account. She posted a picture of a white rose in the sand and wrote about all of her family and relatives that have passed away. Many fans believe that she wrote the message to remember all of the happy moments she had with Jonghyun since she posted it on Jonghyun’s passing day.


During SM Entertainment’s famous Halloween party, Jonghyun and Yeri took several photos together. Later, Jonghyun posted one of the pictures to his Instagram and captioned it “With Hermione” and tagged “With the most beautiful girl, Yerim.”

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Jonghyun and Yeri

Many fans also noticed that Yeri included a tribute to Jonghyun in one of her singles, “Dear Diary.” In the lyrics, Yeri wrote, “Sleep well and don’t dream anything in your dream.” “Dear Diary” was released as part of a compilation album, SM Station 3, on March 14, 2019.

Jonghyun and Yeri’s Dating Rumor

Jonghyun and Yeri

Jonghyun and Yeri were very close. In fact, many fans thought that they were more than just friends. Other than Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Yeri was probably the second person closest to Jonghyun. Their relationship was like the supporting brother-sister relationship who stand by each other during difficult times. On Jonghyun’s official Instagram page, Yeri is the only female that appears in many posts.

Due to rumors about their closeness, especially after Jonghyun’s death, fans suspected that Yeri took advantage of his death for her own benefit. They made harsh comments and criticized Yeri for revealing their brother and sister-like relationship. They went as far as accusing her of faking it all to get attention and steal the spotlight.

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Yeri at Jonghyun’s Funeral

Yeri and Jonghyun were extremely close, and the appearance of Yeri crying at Jonghyun’s funeral was very heartbreaking. As his casket was taken and driven away from the hospital, Yeri continued to sob. One thing that fans noticed was that she stood right in front of Super Junior and directly in front of Jonghyun’s casket when Jonghyun’s casket was taken. Due to her position, she received huge criticism.

Because she debuted after Super Junior, SHINee, and even Girls’ Generation, Yeri should not stand in front of them. But, a lot of fans also complimented her and understood her feelings. She was very close to Jonghyun who was like her older brother. Yeri even made a second visit to Jonghyun’s funeral.

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