Who is The Leader of ITZY? Find out Who She is!

ITZY Leader Yeji

Who is the leader of ITZY? 

ITZY is a girl group under JYP Entertainment that contains 5 talented and beautiful girls named Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. Each group has a leader who takes responsibility in their group, including handling the members. In ITZY, Yeji is the leader of the group as well as the oldest member.

As the oldest as well as the leader, Yeji must take care of many things, one of them being the members. How does Yeji handle it? You can find out through this article from KPOPLOVE. So, keep on reading!

How ITZY’s Yeji Handles Her Group and Members


Being a leader isn’t easy, especially for Yeji. She has to take big responsibility and take care of all the ITZY members.

Yeji really cares for the members one by one, either during practice or in daily life. For example, when Lia fell on the stage while ITZY won an award and had to give a speech, Yeji who was close to her immediately asked about her condition and hugged her. She also asked her to switch places with her. Yeji has a motherly soul in leading her group.

Her leadership skills were seen when she became a JYP trainee during the Stray Kids Showcase program. After practicing, Yeji evaluated and gave suggestions to her friends. Then, Yuna would ask her to show them a demonstration and they would follow it.

What the ITZY Members Think about Yeji as a Leader


On December 30, 2020, more precisely when ITZY was a guest star on IU’s YouTube  program named Palette, ITZY members revealed about Yeji as a leader. At that time, IU as a host expressed her admiration for ITZY. She said:

As you’re coming, I looked up some videos about you on V Live and I also watched your personal channel (ITZY) and I thought ‘There is no hierarchy’ between the members. That’s why I thought the teams showing great teamwork like you have something in common. I think that’s the heart of long-lasting teamwork, and as I was watching your videos I assumed that you feel very comfortable.

Then, Yeji explained to her why they look comfortable and close. Then, IU said that she didn’t know that Yeji was the leader. She thought Yeji was the youngest member. IU also asked the members, how kind of a leader is she?

Ryujin answered IU’s question first. She said:

She’s the reason why there’s no hierarchy in our team.” Ryujin also added, “Let’s become friends with each other. That’s was she does.

IU asked them the next question, “In which situation does she show her charisma as a leader?” Yuna answered it by saying:

Every time I monitor our performances, I look at her in admiration because she looks totally different when she performs on stage.

Chaeryeong added her opinion that Yeji looks furious. Everyone agrees about the differences between Yeji on-stage and off-stage.

ITZY’s Yuna Revealed the Truth of Yeji as a Leader

yeji and yuna

On January 6, 2021, ITZY uploaded content on ITZY’s Youtube Channel titled “[2TZY : Hello 2021].” In that video, Yuna tells her feelings about Yeji. She said that when Yeji is on stage, she shows her aura as a leader and looks serious.

Then, Yuna also said something that surprised her. She said:

Honestly, you are the only person who has the look of a leader.

But, Yeji was very humble. She didn’t admit that she is a good leader. Then, Yuna didn’t agree. She said that Yeji did everything well as their leader. Yeji also said that the members are very open to her about many things.

The maknae admitted that they rarely fight (with all members) after debuting as ITZY, and it’s all because of Yeji who keeps them peaceful. Here is the video!

ITZY’s Yeji’s Character and Personality

As all the members said, Yeji is totally different when she is on-stage versus off-stage. Yeji has a strong personality and also cares for everything. Yeji is very friendly with her members and open-minded. She is a talented leader. She can sing, dance, rap, and because of this, she is called “JYP’s Secret Weapon.”


Actually, when she was chosen to be the leader, she wanted to reject it. But then, because all the members trusted her, they said that they would help Yeji. Although at first she almost resisted it, now she has proven that she is worthy to be a leader and is capable of helping ITZY gain many awards.

So, that’s all the information about Yeji, the leader of ITZY, and how Yeji handles everything including her members. Do you agree that Yeji is the best leader? Put your thoughts in the comment section. See you in another article!

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